Keep This Leaflet. You May Need To Read It Again. (2015).


Keep This Leaflet. You May Need To Read It Again. (2015)

Moving Image/Video, Audio (via Headphones only) and Mixed Media. 1 Minute 31 Seconds (looped)

In ‘Keep This Leaflet. You May Need To Read It Again.’ I invite you to stare, and by doing so, I seek to re-claim the damaging and demeaning misconceptions associated with the lived experience of disability. The exposure of the internal body conceals the identity of the individual(s); the spectators are not granted a story that is usually unapologetically demanded from those with visible disabilities, instead the diagnostic gaze is fractured and disguised by theatricalised imagery and sounds that aim to confuse and dismember, rather than explain, so the disabled body, in fact, becomes a critical aesthetic medium rather than an object.

This piece was exhibited at Bonington Gallery, January - February 2015, at the Crafting Anatomies Symposium. It has also been exhibited at the COAST Festival, Aberdeenshire, in 2015.


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