The National Disability Arts Collection & Archive (NDACA) Award

The NDACA R&D provides Aminder the opportunity to test new concepts and push the boundaries of her current practice by developing skills in the production of sculptural work. She is specifically interested in merging installation with digital work, and exploring the use of fragile materials in sculpture.
— Shape Arts NDACA Announcement
Tony and I at the Shape Arts Auction, The Hospital Club during October 2017.

Tony and I at the Shape Arts Auction, The Hospital Club during October 2017.

In August 2017, I was chosen as of four artists to be awarded the National Disability Arts Collection & Archive Award. I was mentored by reknown Disability Arts Movement sculptor Tony Heaton OBE.

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Mentoring Sessions +

There we’re many focus points for the mentoring sessions; to gain new skills and expand on old skills, to receive critical and supportive feedback, networking and approaching venues/studios/galleries for opportunities, to locate and meet with accessible studios and workshops within London, in addition to building a personal relationship with my mentor to be able to freely discuss the difficulties, barriers and possibilities we all face in the art world.

Venues and Events +

During the mentoring sessions, Tony and I visited many venues and art organisations to look for suitable studio spaces, and we also went to many disability related events. Venues and organisations included Graeae Theatre (where I was then chosen to participate in the Ensemble Project, however I left after the first part as it was not suitable for me at this time), SPACE Studios, Camden College (looking for courses) and London Sculpture Workshop. Additionally, we attended Shaoe Arts Art Auction and the Hospital Club and UK Disability History Month Event (with speeches from Marc Quinn, MP John McDonell and Tony Heaton himself). We also enjoyed some lunches and exhibition visits whilst discussing our practices at The British Library and the Wellcome Collection.

During the NDACA Award period, I participated in some courses and purchased materials that would further the visual arts side of my practice. This included materials that are fleshy such as wax and materials that contrast this, akin to foreign body implants, such as metal. You can find out more about the work I created by pressing the button below.

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