Rough Mix 2016 - Creative Development Residency at Magnetic North Theatre

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"Within this residency I was able to explore many ideas I had, some fragmented, without the pressure of completion, and instead an end of residency show for rehearsal work.

In this project, I formed four short narratives; three performances and one mixed-media performance. Within these narratives, I anticipated to dismember, critically analyse and reconstruct disability stereotypes using theories relating to Disability Studies and the Medical and Social Model of Disability that aim’s to claim the misconceptions surrounding the cultural process.

I aimed to eliminate the line between the ‘able-bodied’ and the ‘disabled body’, the ‘permanent’ and the ‘temporary’, the ‘visible’ and the ‘invisible’, that is used as a directive to shelter social reality. I wanted to pull apart the validity of the story behind the performer."

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" The narratives involved numerous core themes in my practice such as physical disabilities/sickness and chronic illnesses/mental illnesses, pain, disability politics, the female 'disabled' body and sexuality, and finally disability and science (the medical arts)."

I am interested to explore the boundaries between performer and spectator, to expose the ‘real’ within a performative setting, to break the fiction of disability once the body on stage is labelled as ‘disabled’. I am keen to explore this; the questions, the mental process, the actions and behaviour linked to incessant questioning, self - interrogation and the external and internal dialogue it creates.

This residency, although very short, has enabled me to push the boundaries of my practice, concepts and physicality, into the realm of performance art and theatre. As a part of this residency, I performed at The Lemon Tree in Aberdeen with a BSL interpreter (which was imperative for the piece)."