Rough Mix 2016
Creative Development Residency with Magnetic North Theatre

Rough Mix 2016 took place at The Lemon Tree in Aberdeen in partnership with Aberdeen Performing Arts.

Rough Mix is a creative lab for artists from all disciplines from across Scotland to play with ideas, thrash out inspirations, share their passions and challenge their ideas. This creative residency involves 15 people: 5 experienced artists, 2 emerging artists, 6 performers, a stage manager (Rachael Miller) and (Nicholas Bone) as facilitator and Artistic Director.

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The core artists were:

Emerging artists were:

Each Rough Mix is different, its character created by the mix of artists involved. This year we have a wonderful group of artists from near and far: playwright Arthur Meek will travel 12,000 miles from New Zealand, while visual artist Aminder Virdee will come the 16 miles from Inverurie. It is always fascinating to see how the ideas each artist brings develop over the two weeks. We’ll be blogging regularly during the residency, and you are welcome to join us for a sharing of work at The Lemon Tree on Friday 15th July at 6.00pm.
— Nicholas Bone, Artistic Director of Magnetic North

The Performers were:

  • Mhairi Allan

  • Cameron Mowat

  • Sarah Ord

  • David Rankine

  • Elspeth Turner

  • Richard White

Artist Info for Rough Mix 2016 +

Aminder Virdee is a visual artist based in Inverurie, Aberdeenshire. Exploration of the disabled identity is a crucial aspect in Aminder’s work, influenced by her own experiences. The synergy between her body and her immediate environment is entirely dictated by her physical impairments and she implements different approaches to her work according to the way her impairments manifest themselves at any one time.

Project Synopsis +

Aminder’s project explores stereotypes, connotations and narratives of disability. She plans to create multiple fictional identities for herself as performer, building on her personal experiences. These new-born identities will each have a narrative relating to bodily difference, supported by fictional evidence such as hospital letters, x-rays and scans. By performing these new characters herself, Aminder aims to use the disabled body as a critical aesthetic medium rather than an object. Aminder's sharing of work in progress will be BSL interpreted.

To find out what happened during my residency and at the end of residency Work-In-Progress Show at The Lemon Tree, Aberdeen…

Rough Mix Aberdeen was realised in partnership with Aberdeen Performing Arts and supported by Creative Scotland, the David & June Gordon Memorial Trust and Aberdeen City Council.