Birds of Paradise Theatre & National Theatre of Scotland Residency

The Staff Infection (2017)

A live performance installation exploring the doctor – patient relationship, the disabled female form and intersectionality within the complexities and politics of agency and power, in medical institutions. Using language to remove censorship surrounding real and raw subjects, the piece attempts to capture the intimate dialogue between the personal and the clinical, the Self and the physical, censorship fiction and reality; a pseudo-institution intruding a personal space.  

For this piece - which will now be a part of a series of works focusing on disability, race, trauma, memory and mental health - I have been working on themes relating to intersectionality within the disabled identity and community, predominately the social issues that intersect, such as abuse (sexual, domestic violence, discrimination and hate crime), mental health, gender and sexuality, heritage and religion, disability politics and the body. Through performance, and theatre, I intend to enact, or act out against, the passivity that is often attributed to the role of the patient, and the authority assigned to the medical professional, and tie this with themes of intersectionality. I aim to hold up a mirror to the cultural misconceptions of disability through ritualistically re-engaging and echoing the daily, and dramatic, performances in medical institutions that have historically defined the disabled body as an Other.